About Smart Admin Manager

SmartAdmin has been developed by DART Consulting, a Bangalore based boutique Management Consulting firm. The primary objective of developing SmartAdmin was to help small and medium companies to adopt the agile project management methodologies with least investment.

The task management tool optimizes the utilization of limited human resources for better project outcome. DART had experimented with multiple tools to manage projects but without satisfactory results. This prompted us to develop an Office management application to meet the needs of small and medium companies. This application is designed to manage the complexities of projects as well as to integrate the routine tasks of office administration including pay roll and billing at the click of a mouse.

We strongly believe that this application will be good for SMEs in order to manage their projects, and employees. We are sure that this tool will help small businesses to move to the next level.

We have been successfully using tools as available in SmartAdmin since the year 2010. The feedback from a few of our clients compelled us to move forward with a commercial version. We did perform series of tests and fine-tuned this application before releasing on commercial basis. Now, the application integrates project tasks with invoice, as well as time sheet with payroll. We believe that the SmartAdmin applications will revolutionize the project cum employee management domain among the small and medium enterprises. We are delighted to inform that a few of our initial users have adopted full version as available in the SmartAdmin within a few months of registration.

This web based project management tool is also available on your mobile phone. It can be accessed in all kinds of browsers - Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple's Safari and Internet Explorer. Our support team provides free one-on-one training to make you comfortable in using multiple tools available.

We have done utmost care in data privacy and security. The encryption option adopted in coding will render personal data unintelligible to any person who is not authorized to access it. We partnered with DigitalOcean cloud servers to keep the data secure in respective countries where we are providing such services.

We strongly believe that this application is going to provide robust futuristic solution that will be much more user friendly, interactive, easily customizable, and is quick and easy to use in the coming days. We are continuing the development of this application focusing on the end users to make it friendly to all segments of users.