Vendor Management

Vendor management section consolidates payment information with the help of its supplier management software. Smart Admin’s supplier management software is equipped with features for effectively handling vendors along with its online billing software. Once the vendor profile is set up, all the essential communication can be easily directed towards the vendor through the vendor database management tool. The vendor software is capable of automating various manual tasks, thereby assisting companies in minimizing human errors and significantly saving time. This automation feature enhances efficiency and ensure accurate recording of all transactions related to vendors, providing a comprehensive financial overview.

Purchase orders can be generated and issued through the vendor software, simplifying the procurement process. There are options to set up multiple templates for issuing purchase order. Upon the successful completion of the agreed-upon work, the payment can be swiftly processed through the online billing software using the data as generated in purchase order. Furthermore, the software seamlessly integrates payment details and other vendor information with the accounting system. This integration ensures that all payments made are accurately recorded in the account statement, along with income from other sources, providing a comprehensive overview of financial transactions related to vendors.

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