Invoicing Tool

SmartAdmin provides multiple options for invoicing or billing. Invoice bears your brand identity, and it is important to handle invoicing in a professional manner using professional invoicing software. One can link time sheet entries of a project to invoice which will bring increased confidence among clients about the processes adopted in your organization.

The regular invoicing option provides sending invoices based on data input. Such input can be pre- determined based on products or services rendered by an organization. This option is good for small business where they do not have much project management but wanted to use this tool for invoicing only. You need to input the data points and select tax types to generate invoice. With this, one can stop the manual generation of invoices. This helps in bringing more professional look for your organization which client would appreciate to a great extent.

The invoicing set up provides multiple options for adding inputs like, insurance, discount, shipping charges, unit, taxes, and more. Further, invoices can be customized by adding logo, terms & conditions, and contact info. Also, the search, listing and report generation options keep you updated with invoice history, overdue balances, and taxes collected. The data can be further sorted based on date of invoice, date of payment, tax summary and more.

There are options to print invoice and mail it, in addition to the option of sending invoice over email. The customers would appreciate email invoices due to the convenience of receiving and storing the same in a better manner. Further, the online invoice has higher probability of getting paid quickly since one can save the time lag of generating invoice and delivering it to the destination.

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