People have different and often conflicting expectations about a leader. The leadership role is complex, and it is critical to project success. Project leaders are the figureheads of their projects. They are called on to represent their projects at most, if not all. It is important for project leaders to display proper demeanor in all venues.

Project leaders need to actively embrace, develop, and maintain their monitoring and coordinating role. Project leaders must be able to communicate the benefits and needs of their projects in terms that speak to stakeholder interests. Clients and higher management in the host organization expect project leaders to control their projects.

Project leaders are expected to look ahead in the project to spot and plan for unanticipated needs and changes. As the project’s coordinator, leaders need to ensure that all pieces of the project and the project team are working together toward their common project objectives. Project leaders aregenerally confronted with a constant stream of problems. Project leaders are expected to take the lead in the entire major task and operational decisions of the project from project initiation to close down. The online project planning tool and project management tool help project leaders to succeed.