Project Management

SmartAdmin provides better control over project management. It has the option to set up project or program with its associated tasks highlighting begin and end data. It facilitates execution of projects with greater speed, agility and accountability. The adoption of project management tools of SmartAdmin will result in consistency in project results with reduced operational risks.

Overall, the project management tool simplifies project management process, and provides clear view on project status, and who’s working on what to all project stake holders.

Here are the highlights of the project management tool:

Agility in Project Execution

SmartAdmin's multiple project management interfaces empower project managers to quickly configure a project and monitor the same as it progresses. It gives proper direction to team members, and will result in higher speed in project execution.

Increased Accountability

The tools ensure accountability to each team member, and encourage true project ownership among team members. Project stake holders get status update in real time in addition to frequent notifications, and dashboard data. Gantt Charts provide visual display of project progress to easily identify dependencies and project progress. Thus, everyone knows what needs to get done, who’s responsible for doing it, and when it’s due.

Track clients and jobs

The project tracking option helps to understand the project progress. The stake holders can source status update with such updated data on real time basis. It reduces the errors in project update, and avoids overlapping of tasks and schedules.

Team Collaboration beyond Boundaries

The implementation of SmatAdmin tool helps assembling team for a project, and can monitor project progress beyond the walls of office. In collaborative working, the end result is more important more than location. With multiple communication tools available, the team at miles away is not far but nearby for a project manager.

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