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Project Management

SmartAdmin encourages greater Collaboration @Work Place, and seek consistency in project execution with reduced operational risks.

This Project Management Software is just for you!

Yes, for SMART Employees and Managers only

Quick Invoicing

Here is a tool for Faster and Accurate Invoicing. There are two options for invoicing;

- Convert time sheet entries to invoice

- Opt for regular invoicing by inputting data against services or products

Payroll Made Easy Now

SmartAdmin makes payroll generation much easier now! Amazing mode of calculating salary – Integrating time sheet and leave entries to generate payroll instantly!

Here is a tool to set up leave and salary structure to suit your organization culture. You have multiple options to define it Now!

Comprehensive Time Management

SmartAdmin let you know what your team is working and protect you from missing any billable hours!

Once you opt to integrate projects/programs with the Time Tracker, the entire office activities are captured minutely. You can find options to assess performance of each of the team members and their contribution to each task easily.

Client Management

Securely keep client data and input the same for repeated tasks and projects as well as to generate invoice.

SmartAdmin let you know the revenue generated by each client and billed data at any time. It keeps track of client contribution and helps management to prioritize their focus.

SMART Employee Management

Truly Smart Approach to Employee Performance!

The unique features of SmartAdmin helps to assess employee based on data, and not on intuition. The Smart Tools will identify Bright resources with supporting performance data points of each employee at any point of time

Leave Management

Secure higher flexibility while implementing leave rules. SmartAdmin provides multiple options to set up Leave Packages and name it per organization culture.

Option to create multiple leave packages with leave carry forward, leave encashment and more