Payroll Management

The Payroll module is quite unique to SmartAdmin. The Payroll module is flexible and user friendly as well. Payroll Management is easy with Smart Admin. You have the option to set up n number of pay structures - name it according to your organization culture. Add, leave structure and holiday structure as well, and tag your employees with leave and holiday structures. Once it is done, the payroll is ready with the supporting data points on pay day.

Once the Payroll tools are activated along with leave and holiday packages, the system captures overall attendance and calculates salary on daily or weekly basis as needed. This results in processing salary in a few minutes irrespective of number of employees, and makes the payroll management super easy. You don’t need separate payroll processing software thereafter.

To make the system robust in terms of data integrity, the Admin can activate the option of Approval for any change in Payroll to prevent erroneous changes in salary structure

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