What was Defined By Management Pundit Now Integrated Here!

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Smartadmin Lets You Plan Your Work, Tracks the Project Progress, Provides Project Status Reports with its Project Management Software

This application makes the right employee working on the right project, and ensures the optimum utilization of resources. It automates and streamlines manual tasks, increases profitability, enhances client/employee satisfaction, optimizes work flow, and thus improves job satisfaction.

The four functions of Management as Integrated Here!


  • Set up Project Objectives
  • List out Deliverables
  • Estimate Tasks
  • Pool Resources
  • Costing


  • Arrange Resources
  • Allocate Tasks Optimally
  • Organize Project Documents
  • Delegate Tasks


  • Communication
  • Execution of Tasks
  • Monitoring of Progress
  • Resolve Issues


  • Track Task Progress
  • Asses Project Progress against Target
  • Audit Project Activities
  • Ensure Higher RoI