Time Management Option

Time sheet is an integral part of SmartAdmin as it is essential for project tracking, and it works as a tool for project management software with invoicing. The employee timesheet software can be customized to accommodate 16 different types of timesheets. The configuration under Flexible Timesheet and Non- Flexible timesheet with its multiple control options result in higher level of customization. Each department can have specific type of timesheet with this timesheet management software. The timesheet features are as given below.

  • Allow members to enter log-in and log-out time.
  • Allow members to enter time spent on each task.
  • Calculate employee’s contribution against target.
  • Review multiple scenarios and create schedules to meet objectives.
  • Track project hours.
  • Track unproductive hours of team members.
  • Tracks employee attendance, and leave.

SmartAdmin is more than just a timesheet management software; it also serves as a precise employee management system. By enabling its leave tracking software, it allows comprehensive summarization of an employee's activities throughout a month. This data is then utilized to calculate salary and determine leave eligibility. With SmartAdmin, the need for manual attendance processing is eliminated. The timesheet management software continuously monitor real-time attendance, resulting in an authentic attendance summary at the end of each month for record keeping purposes. This reduces errors in attendance and helps to prevent the loss of valuable work hours.

Additionally, time tracking software can provide valuable insights into the overall performance of a project or program, along with resource costing. This timesheet management software allows project managers to effectively monitor billable hours, enabling them to evaluate the profitability of both resources and the project itself. The data collected through this process offers project managers a comprehensive understanding of project profitability and the efficient use of working hours.

The data displayed on the dashboard serves as key indicators of team performance, aiding in the evaluation of both the team as a whole and its individual members. These data points not only assist in tracking team performance but also help in identifying any potential office distractions that may be affecting productivity.

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