Time Management

Time sheet has been integrated with multiple tools in SmartAdmin. Once the related tools are activated, one can track the total hours in a task, and can generate timesheet based on actual output. The team members and stake holders get real-time visibility into everything the team is working on. The work load option help to find out the availability of team members for a task.

SmartAdmin is not only time tracking software, but it’s also an accurate staff movement tracker. By activating Leave tracking, the entire activities of a month of an employee can be summarized. This data is further used to calculate salary and leave eligibility as well. With SmartAdmin one can do away with the manual attendance processing. The tools of SmartAdmin monitor real time attendance, and generate authentic attendance summary by end of a month for print and record keeping. It reduces errors in attendance as well as leave recording, and helps to save lot of missing hours in work.

Further, it has the potential to assess project/program performance as well as contribution of team members once you decide to leverage the full potential of time tracker. By tracking billable hours, the project manager can assess the profitability of a resource as well as project profitability. The data generated give great insight to project managers about the profitability of the project as wells the utilization of hours.

The dashboard data points give indication about the performance of team members which help to track performance of the team, and its members. These data points help to assess office distractions as well. They can do peer comparison based on such data in the dashboard.

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