Task Management

A task is considered as a unit of work in a project, or alternatively the combination of various tasks result in a project. The creative and intuitive skill of a project manager results in setting up smallest manageable unit of work known as task. The project manager needs to allocate hours for task with specific instruction. Once the tasks are set up, the project managers get update from each of the tasks as it progresses. With that the project manager controls the project through periodical reviewing such data. The rational analysis of such data leads to successful project management. Further, each task can be assigned to more members in this task management software based on the project priority. The task allocation feature lets the Project Manager to assign task for specified hours, and it allows Project Manager to take full control of activities of the team.

Task management allows:

  • Add tasks quickly
  • Allow team members to understand objectives
  • Assign tasks to team members
  • Estimate task
  • Create recurring tasks
  • Define Begin and End time
  • Enter hours within the defined range
  • Monitor task as it progresses
  • Prioritize tasks
  • View the status of every task at any time