Accounting Department Tools

There are multiple options for billing under SmartAdmin Tools. One can link the time sheet entries to bill your clients which will bring increased confidence among clients about your process. There are options to track billable hours and no-billable hours as well.

The free invoicing option provides sending invoices based on customized input. It can be based on products sold, service rendered, and more. You need to input and select tax points based on your geography and send invoice. With this, one can stop the manual creation of invoicing and make your approach more professional which client would appreciate to a great extent. It is a fact that invoice has your brand identity as well.

Further, invoices can be customized by adding logo, terms & conditions, and contact info. Also, the search, and listing/report options keep you updated with invoice history, overdue balances, and taxes collected. The data can be further sorted based on date of invoice, date of payment, tax summary and more.

There are options to print an invoice and mail it, but customers appreciate the convenience of receiving an invoice in their email. You’re also likely to get paid more quickly when your invoice arrives instantaneously. We further assist you in integrating payment gateway to help customers to makepayment through digital mode including credit cards. The online payment helps to speed up the realization of invoices at faster pace.

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